Pumpkin Bitters

by Workhorse Rye



THE ORIGINAL & ONLY Pumpkin Bitters on the market is back! 

Five varieties of organic heirloom pumpkins grown in Northern California at La Tercera Farms aged with our rye, artichoke leaf, and many organic spices.

Best Uses

  • Old Fashioned Cocktails first and foremost: 2 oz rye, 1/4 oz maple, 2 sleeves Pumpkin Bitters

  • Any cocktail utilizing aged spirits like American whiskey, brandy, Reposado, Scotch, aged rum

  • Soda water or cola: 1 dropper sleeve-full (or dash) of bitters per 2-4 ounces is a good starter point to dial in your particular palate

  • Desserts; on top of ice cream, in a batch of cookies (ratio of bitters: use twice the amount of vanilla extract the recipe calls for)

  • Bitter cappuccino (add bitters after espresso, before milk)

  • Ranging from pilsner to stout, these bitters play exceptionally well with beer cocktails in many ways, but perhaps the most impactful exercise is to help mild/boring beer taste lively by adding one to three dropper sleeves-full per beer


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