Aromatic Coffee Bitters

by Workhorse Rye



A balanced universal cocktail bitter, with red fruit tones from light roasted, direct-trade coffee grown in Nariño, Colombia at El Tablon. These bitters “tie-the-room-together” attributes come from whole burdock root, sarsaparilla, licorice root, and quassia root. They play particularly swimmingly with aged spirits.

Aromatic Coffee Bitters are a rare breed. They are your universal aromatic bitters, based on rye, bitter botanicals, and of course coffee. Most bitters are made by macerating botanicals in high proof, and then diluting with water; we simply substitute the water for coffee as the dilutor. 

It took us years to develop this method of coffee extraction as one flavor pillar of the bitters. The coffee is then sustained by our distillate of rye and cane, organic plants as always. Our varied backgrounds in coffee, bartending, and food kept us committed to make a stabilized coffee taste like the bright fresh coffee we dream about. Coffee is a hell of a thing to extract pleasantly. 

2 oz rye whiskey or preferred spirit of choice
1/4 oz maple or honey
1-3 dashes or sleeves of bitter

Best uses: 

  • Any Old Fashioned recipe

  • Soda and tonic water

  • Sazerac Cocktails

  • Pilsner, dress up a boring beer or make a cocktail

  • Baked goods of all kinds: add a tablespoon in to your favorite recipe

  • Meat marinades. Add 1/2 tablespoon per steak/burger


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